My name is Justina Uche, am a Nigerian and an indigene of Rivers State. I am a Digital Marketer, Website Designer/Programmer, Graphic Designer, Business Consultant, Wife, and mother of 3 lovely kids.

Some years back, as a young lady l desired to have a better life, to stand out as a lady who can become an exceptional woman. I got out of school and got my first 8-4 job. I got married and started a family.

 I wanted to be a real helpmate to my husband. Although my husband could meet all our needs at a point he lost his job and life became very tough for us.

We had responsibilities; rental payments, school fees for the kids, and feeding.

Although l was been paid in my 8-9 job it still couldn’t meet our basic needs. I was determined to invest in an online business, so I bought a mini laptop because l didn’t have much on me and then l started my online journey.

In the initial stage, it was stressful; I spent hours at night after getting home from my day job trying to fine-tune the way forward. I would fail several times but yet I was desperate for a change. I decided l had to be successful and failure cannot be an option. 

I enrolled to learn how online business works. It took me one year and seven months to get it right.

I got to learn the nitty-gritty of all online businesses. l can boast of being financially at rest and making money from the comfort of my home.

However, looking back on what l went through I felt compelled to help others out there struggling with their families to make ends meet.

Trust me I know how it feels. When the salary isn’t just enough for yourself how much more taking care of those that depend on you.

It can be very frustrating.

I struggled so hard but l kept pushing till l laid my hands on success.

This is a lifetime opportunity that you may never stumble on again.

 Trust me if I could do it, you can…